Well, I was born in the late 80’s which explains a lot about why (despite my wide shoulders) I sometimes really enjoy handmade, well constructed shoulder pads as well as shiny embellishments on my clothes. I was a crafty little girl and one day my mother gave me a huge paper roll. This is when adventure begun. My first memory of trying to create fashion is constructing a paper shoe, with a battery as a heel and a matching paper bag. Soon I realized that you can’t actually make a shoe out of paper and it was hard to find shoe making supplies BUT I knew that grandma had a huge fabric stash and makes clothes, so fabric it was. One little problem. She would never let me approach her sewing machine. I shall not refer to the tricks I invented to try to sew with her, so I will go back to my first year in university when we replaced her sewing machine with a new one which came with a free mini Barbie(!) machine for me. When full of anticipation I opened it, IT WOULD NOT FUNCTION! But that was enough for me to realize that I should buy a decent machine and enough fabric for a lifetime (you all know what I mean about fabric stashing) and taught myself to sew. You can find out more about how I chose this blog name here.

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I always believed that everyone who sews should know some pattern making that’s why I recently started reading books and experimenting with constructing the basic blocks as well as altering them. One of my sewing motos is that  What I mean is that I first find what I want to make and then try to figure out which pattern(s) I am going to use, or if I am going to draft one by myself, I usually don’t get inspired by the patterns themselves.

You can find out a little more about myself, from this interview for Kollabora.

Thank you for stopping by and please keep in mind that english is not my native language, I’m doing my best to improve and produce clear posts so any contributions to that are very very welcome.



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