Winter gown inspiration

I am sure that most of you agree that winter formal events are the toughest to find what to wear! Sewing makes this a little easier as it is enough to find the style, then you can sew it but still you also have to pair it with a coat. This is the point where  I am standing at the moment. I have an engagement reception (such thing is very common in Greece, to throw a reception when you get engaged) to attend and it is a nice opportunity/good excuse to make a formal winter gown. Yes you will see some gown sewing on the blog!!! My grandma had bought some years ago a really nice and expensive gold embroidered tulle and I thing I can really make something nice, matching it with an ivory charmeuse I bought last week. The fabric combination looks like the picture below which pictures a Notte By Marchesa Gown.

notte-by-marchesa-gold-embroidered-tulle-gown-product-1-20893571-4-020195584-normalSo far so good. Now lets share the bad news. I only have 1,3 m (1.2 yards) of the tulle, so a traditional design for a long dress like this one is out of question due to lack of fabric. I have found though some very nice styles from Zuhair Murad with the white one being my favorite, without the see-through detail of course, maybe something like the orange dress. I will try to find a back view of the blue dress as I really like it too. A combination of these three dresses would be ideal for me, I’ll see how it works.


Zuhair_Murad_015_1366.1280x1920 Zuhair_Murad_018_2000_1280x1920

I want my final gown to be long and long-sleeved because I want it for winter, with a simple silhouette but with amazing details. I really want to use as much of the tulle as I can because otherwise it is going to be wasted. I really don’t know if I will cut the satin on grain or on bias, I will do some research. I am also a little concerned about how to stitch this tulle…

If you have any idea about a pattern that would be appropriate, any good links about how to sew with satin or anything, please let me know!

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