Cotton jersey stripped dress with leather details+free PDF pattern S size

DSCN1277_Fotor I have a confession to make. Despite having some amazing friends, unfortunately absolutely none of them sews! My only real life sewing friend is my grandma and that’s why I am really happy with all these creative people I get to meet on the net. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for October’s sewing events which is to me like searching for an invitation to a party I am welcome to. The first two I noticed were  Frocktober 2014 by the Monthly stitch and Grease from my beloved Sewcialists. Frocktober is about sewing transitional dresses and considering the warm climate of Greece, they are perfect for all autumn long. I love the word “transitional” when it comes to clothes. It brings me to mind strolling around with knit garments on a sunny, warm and a little windy day. DSCN1288_Fotor It is a quite simple pattern for knits and since it is self drafted on my computer, I thought I should share it with you! The finished dimensions are bust 88cm(34 inches), waist 77cm (30 inches), hips 92cm(36 inches) I did however have to take some cm off the waist. At the moment it is just this size, but I do plan to add more in future patterns. If you want to add the neck and cuff bands like I did, make sure to remove the length of them on these places. The placement area of the inserts as well as sewing instructions are not included in the PDF either. I told you, it is pretty simple but some of you may find it useful even for making blouses.


I used some leather inserts on the neck as well as on the shoulders. If you want to sew the perfect elbow patches on knits you can see the tutorial I put together on this previous post. Apart from that, I added a neck and cuff bands and finished the serged hemline with a double needle. I really like this dress and I’ve been wearing it a lot last week. I also wore it with my fringed jacket and it was just perfect!DSCN1289_Fotor

Feel free to comment below or contact me for any details about the pattern. I’d love to hear you!free dress patternIf you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, you can follow me here

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13 thoughts on “Cotton jersey stripped dress with leather details+free PDF pattern S size

  1. great dress 😀 love the stripes and leather details that you used 😉 it’s very nice of you to make a free pdf pattern 😀 thanks


  2. WHAT!!! Not only am I super inspired to get sewing BUT you also gave the pattern for free!!! >.< THANK YOU
    I love the dress and now I need to go sew something for autumn too 🙂


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