Sew the perfect leather elbow patches on knit fabric

As much as I adore elbow patches, I have, from time to time found it extremely difficult to attach them with accuracy and create a knit blouse or dress with such a detail which actually satisfies me and I have told you what happens to garments which don’t meet my standards. Anyway… I finally figured out how to perfect this technique and I first tested it with leather patches on my nice, stripped, cotton jersey fabric and it perfectly works! Here are the steps.

  1. Cut the patches from the fabric of your choice. This technique is mostly for woven patches on knit but if you try it with knit on knit, please let me know about the results.
  2. Mark the patch placement on your fabric, preferably with chalk or wash-off marker.  1
  3. Place the patches on the fabric and pin them just on the center2
  4. Using an embroidery hoop stretch your fabric. It is normal for the placement marks to get distorted and larger.
  5. Handsew the patches with large, baste stitches.                                      3a
  6. While slightly pulling the knit fabric, sandwich the edges of the patch with the knit fabric and machine sew all the way round at 3mm (1/8 inches). When finished, it should look like this on the back side. 4_Fotor
  7. Turn on the right side, iron and topstitch. You are ready!1st

Of course you can use this tutorial in all kind of patches and inserts. I used it to make a lovely striped dress which will be bloged in the next couple of days. If you enjoyed that post, you can follow me for more…

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Update: 12 Nov. 2014

On the image below, you can see the perfect placement of the patches



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