We all <3 CHANEL

Chanel-backpack There are some particular garments… We fall in love with them at first sight. I am sure most of you have experienced the feeling and I bet Chanel creations have something to do with it. The first time I saw the backpack above, I was speechless! Oh genius, genius Karl! I usually try to watch most of the shows during fashion weeks and Chanel shows the day they are released in Vogue.com, so and Chanell S/S 2014 really impressed me as a whole but the backpacks… They left me open-mouthed! They are called artist’s backpacks and they are supposed to belong to an art student who -of course- painted his own backpack. I immediately decided to make such beautiful bag for myself, but not just paint it, but sew it from scratch. This is how during the whole process of gathering pictures which showed more and more details, I came across Bagaholicboy’s competition. Bagaholicboy is “Singapore’s dedicated bag, fashion and luxury blogger” who very kindly accepted my entry even if I wasn’t from Singapore or elsewhere close. The whole idea was that because many people complained about the price claiming that they could make such a bag, BB dared them to try! Needless to say that accepted the challenge since I had already started constructing the bag. This man (from what I have concluded) is one of the most important fashion VIPs in the whole Asia area and so even participating in a competition hosted by him was major for me. By the way, stay tuned to his blog because it is a huge inspiration,every fashion week there is a live stream of selected brands and following him is a glance in the real world of fashion and gives you the feeling of an insider. So I participated and won! You can see in the pictures the details of my bag. 1382423_10150396705669949_795473474_n DSCN0888 There is also quilted back. DSCN0865 The only problem is that since a term of the competition was that I would’t get my bag back (which is still an honor), I have to make a new backpack which I unfortunately decided now that the summer is gone. Never mind, this time I will share some of the steps of the production. I don’t know when it will finish, I prefer to go slow and make sure everything is perfect and learn from the mistakes on the previous effort. Looking at the photos now, I realize that my version looks more polished than the original. Let’s see how to handle with this, this time.
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2 thoughts on “We all <3 CHANEL

  1. I love the bag! Can definitely understand why you won. Congratulations! Love your blog as well. Looking forward to all your nice creations!


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