Fringed jacket+free pocket sewing pattern


My fabric collection is bigger than I dare to admit. However, I usually don’t go ahead and sew one of them unless I am SURE that I found the perfect design. Let’s take for example this I amazing wool fabric I owned 4 years ago. Believe me, this post could be just about the fabric. It is kind of thick, brown-blue striped, double knit cashmere. It also has some elasticity because it is not woven, but knit. You can really tell the quality of the fabric from the feel, the temperature and the vibrancy of the color, everything shouts cashmere and most loudest of all the shinny finish of it.


From the first moment I knew it was meant to be an unlined jacket. Generally, I really like unlined jackets because they are perfect for layering and in Greece it is very rarely that cold to need a really heavy coat. I was looking for the perfect pattern for about a year and as much as I knew how badly I needed a jacket out of this fabric, I would’t settle for a classic design until last week when I thought that a fringed hemline would give the look of a cape. Searching through my patterns and magazines, I found this pattern from burdastyle which was perfect. It did’t have any pockets so I added them. I am happy to share with you my first free pattern so you can add pockets to any garment you want.


Simply measure where you want them to be, mark down the pocket placement and sew as you normally do your pockets.


I am super happy with how it turned out and I am sure I am going to wear it A LOT this winter. I am planning on adding a big button and a loop to were it as shown above.


I think it will be terrific with a plaid boyfriend shirt I have. So cottage chic! :-p By the way, notice how nice the neighbor’s pomegranates looks and not how I am not smiling (first photoshoot anxiety).

DSCN1244  DSCN1246
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