Why Little Miss Sewshine?

little-miss-sunshine_6 I thing it is high time to explain my blog name choice which is a reference to my favorite film of all time, “Little miss sunshine”. There are two reasons why I love it so much. First because back on the fall of 2006 when I watched it in the cinema it was my first date with my boy and second because of the movie itself. olive-little-miss-sunshine-outfit It is a comedy-drama road film (there is an antiquated yellow Volkswagen microbus) about a disfuncional extended family living in New Mexico. Mom, dad, daughter, mother’s son from first marriage who has taken a silence vow (my favorite character), mother’s suicidal gay brother, dad’s drug addict father, all together start for an 800 miles road trip to arrive in time for a beauty pageant that the little daughter (who is a little chubby) is qualified for, “little miss sunshine”. During the trip, the family suffers many personal setbacks which sometimes bring them into conflict but in the end they realize how much they need each others’ support. It is a film about, amongst others, family values, true beauty, modern life anxieties but most importantly about  learning tolerance and acceptance. tumblr_l4wakz8X4h1qc8qtfo1_500Nominated for four Academy Awards two of which were won alongside with many others, including a Golden Globe, the Bafta film award and the Independent Spirit award this movie is definitely a winner! Watch it!


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