Ripped jeans hack

This summer I really needed a pair of light blue ripped jeans. However, I must say that with my Mediterranean pear-shaped body jeans searching is not always pleasant experience. There are some specific brands that fit me better than others, but since I prefer the high rise, regular(and not skinny) type, my options in design are kind of

I had an amazing, little bit of elastic light blue pair of jeans which fits and feels like a dream. I tried to rip it but it didn’t rip or fray nicely( I you have tried ripping elastic jeans you know what I mean), so I had to come up with a hack and I did.

I found another piece of jeans with he classic texture and because it was slightly darker than the original fabric I bleached it. I then cut little stripes of it which I then cut with my scissors. I frayed all the edges and then hand or machine stitched them on your jeans.

stripe 1 stripe2

stripe3 DSCN1206_Fotor

I find it an amazing hack because I didn’t actually destroy the pants, if I want I can take out the fake holes in a blink of an eye, my pants aren’t actually ripped so I can were them during winter as well and I have a pair of amazingly fitting elastic jeans  with nicely frayed fake holes on them. Enjoy!


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