Kamari beach bag

Kamari is one of the most famous beaches in Santorini and the place where these pictures were taken so this is the second item of the Santorini series. This summer, I seriously needed a new beach bag. During the last years, I had made lots of colorful, playful handmade beach bags, but this time I had to make something elegant which a hint of hippie, suitable for this amazing island.

Kamari beach bag2

To the construction. The main fabric may look familiar to you and that’s just because it’s nothing but a rug from Ikea. I had bought 4 of them all in different colors but in the end I sticked to blue/cream as it matched the fabric I made the pockets and handles the most. The metal snap fastener lies on a ribbon made of hemp twine. Ten uncut pieces of twine were used to make a knot and after making 4 of these knots they were all hand sewn on a piece of fabric where the metal snap had been attached.

For the box pleat pockets as well as for the upper edges I used gold plastic snaps. Kamari beach bag is unlined and has a flat bottom. Between the two handles there is one more pocket, this time, denim.


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