Caldera open back dress

caldera dress

According to wikipedia, “a caldera is a cauldron-like volcanic feature usually formed by a collapse of land following a volcanic eruption”. According to me, caldera along with the sunset is the breathtaking view which attracts thousands of people around the world to Santorini, Greece. Santorini, which according to Travel + Leisure ‘s annual pole was voted as the “world’s top island for 2014”, is actually the remnant of a volcanic caldera after an eruption dated around 1500 DC. Alluring and mystical, historical and always popular, when you visit Santorini you can be sure for one thing. You will never forget the majestic sunset, the black sand beaches or the overall experience of being under the shadow of the volcano. santorini sunset This July, I was lucky enough to spent my vacation on Santorini. Naturally, the preparation for my trip started weeks earlier by sewing some of the clothes and accessories I was taking with me. So, I present you the first garment of the Santorini series, the caldera dress. This open back, girlie dress features a fitted bodice with lace sleeves, pleated skirt and a belt with a bow  and it is constructed from striped white/baby blue medium weight cotton fabric. bow tip For the bodice I used this pattern from burdastyle but shortened the sleeves,added the lace, lowered the back,made an alteration for  hollow chest and for the skirt, I just hand pleated the fabric. Then I made an easy bow for the belt and voila! There is though one little secret. When making a bigger bow, like the one pictured here, it is a good idea to use some scraps of tulle as interfacing to make your bow look better.


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